In relation to excise goods this term includes the owner, importer, exporter, shipper, or other person owning or being beneficially interested in the goods. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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proprietor pro‧pri‧e‧tor [prəˈpraɪətə ǁ -ər] abbreviation prop noun [countable]
1. COMMERCE someone who owns a business:
proprietor of

• Echenard was the proprietor of the famous Hotel du Louvre.

• Horace Greeley was a powerful newspaper proprietor.

ˌsole proˈprietor COMMERCE
someone who owns and runs a business on his or her own rather than with another person:

• Carvel was the typical sole proprietor. He was responsible for his debts and entitled to any profits.

2. PROPERTY LAW someone who owns land or buildings
ˌregistered proˈprietor PROPERTY LAW
in Britain, someone who owns property when the legal right to do so has been recorded at the land registry
3. LAW someone who owns a legal right such as a patent or a copyright (= rights to be the only maker, producer, or seller of something for a specific period of time ) :

• The proprietor of a trademark has the exclusive right to use the mark in relation to the class of goods or services against which it is registered.

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proprietor UK US /prəˈpraɪətər/ noun [C]
(ABBREVIATION prop.) the owner of a business, especially a hotel, a store, or a company that publishes newspapers: »

Their father was the proprietor of an electrical and furniture store.


a small business proprietor


a garage/hotel/newspaper proprietor

PROPERTY the owner of land or buildings: »

The man claimed to be the proprietor of the disputed land.


He rose to become proprietor of Wye Hall, one of Maryland's historic estates.

LAW the owner of a copyright (= the legal rights to a book, play, piece of music, etc.) or a patent (= the legal rights to a product): »

The proprietor of a patent may wish to be selective about markets and granting licences.

See also MEDIA PROPRIETOR(Cf. ↑media proprietor), REGISTERED PROPRIETOR(Cf. ↑registered proprietor), SOLE PROPRIETOR(Cf. ↑sole proprietor)

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